Location: American Legion Post #70 Saratoga Springs, NY

Meeting Date: April 21, 2004

The December meeting for the 2004 USSVI Convention Committee was called to order at 6:40 by Chairman Gasser.  There were 26 members present. 

Chairman Gasser reminded everyone that we still need help in all areas.

He reviewed the entire budget. We are doing pretty well but we must continue to sell advertising in the Parade booklet and we must continue to try to get either Saratoga County or Senator Bruno to fund the trolley system.

John Cook has met with Saratoga Springs public works people and things are moving along.

Some areas that are still not totally resolved are the flowers. Possible a painted logo would be used with some flowers. Banners cannot be hung across Broadway. The small flags that were used to line Broadway were not from the city but donated by Roohan Realty. The reviewing stand for the parade, we have to check with the Elks.

Al Singleman will be contacting the County of Saratoga with a list of expenses we would like them to cover to insure they are acceptable under the guidelines of their grant.

Fred Carlson is working on the paperwork for the one million dollar insurance policy for the Convention.  He had a few areas that he needed some assistance with the application.

Patches for the Convention will be ordered in the following quantities:

Convention Patch 300
50th Anniversary of Nuclear Power 100
Submariners Wives 200

John Cook will order 1500 travel bags with screen printed convention information.

 Jim Irwin will order 1500 travel umbrellas to be included in the above bags as gifts.

 Bob Ondek reported the parade was status quo. Thus far there have been no nominations for oldest WWII Sub Vet and oldest USSVI Sub Vet.

 We are still working on space for the Vendors, and Hospitality. It may be necessary to have the Hospitality suite outdoors in a tented area. Also, several vendors have given verbal commitments but so far only one has sent in payment.

 Thus far, there has been no donation offers from the Beer and Wine Distributors. It was suggested to contact NY State Wineries for possible donations. Also, Jim Irwin will contact DeCrescente Distributors for a beer donation and Frank Hardick will contact Northern Distributors, also for beer donations.

  We still need help in all areas of fundraising, please volunteer to help in any way you can. Thanks.

 The members were polled to see it there was anything else to discuss.  Being nothing further, the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by:
Jim Irwin, Secretary
Albany-Saratoga Base
Pride Runs Deep