Location: American Legion Post #70 Saratoga Springs, NY


Meeting Date: August 18, 2004 

The August meeting for the 2004 USSVI Convention Committee was called to order at 6:40 by Chairman Gasser.  There were 36 members and 5 guests present.  

Everyone present stood and introduced themselves and what their role in the Convention would be.  

Chairman Gasser reminded everyone that we still need help in all areas.

John Cook reported on the obligation of the City of Saratoga Springs and how it was progressing.

The details for the Welcome Party are nearly complete:

Hors d’ oeuvres, and other foods will be donated or purchased as 2 for 1, servers are lined up, there will be an outside concert, inside music, a reenactment outside, the carousel will be open and operating, the flower display will be completed, and we are expecting city, county, and possibly the Governor to speak.  Also, the city is working on establishing dedicated parking areas and creating spaces along the shuttle route for stops.

John also suggested that the Convention gift bags needed to be stuffed and it was agreed that we will do it on Saturday September 11th at noon. It will take place at John’s house and the base will provide pizza, beer, and soda.

The US Navy recruiters have delivered the balance of the lanyards for the credentials.  

Bob Ondek and Jerry Wells reported on the parade. We are still having difficulty with the US Navy Band. We may only get a small (9 or 10) members and they are not a marching band. They would be acceptable for the Friday concert but not for the Parade. Additionally a USO act has been contacted to possibly appear at the concert. As for the parade there are 8 or 9 floats and 6 or 7 local bands that have agreed to play. There is also a parade in Halfmoon that day so that is a conflict. Jerry Wells asked for a check for Parade Insurance in the amount of $557.60. Finally the Parade Program Book is in and available for $5.00. It will be on sale at the Military Museum and hopefully along Broadway in several stores.

The Convention Shuttle Busses are lined up. They will run continuously from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm and be supplemented by Upstate Transit coaches and by rented 16 passenger vans during peak activity periods.

Frank Dorchak gave a report on the Vendors. He reported there are presently 19 vendors committed to the convention and that 36 of the available 42 tables are taken. Additionally, there are 13 non profit tables that have been reserved. There is a possibility of a few more vendors committing before the beginning of the Convention.

The Watch Quarter and Station Bill is being handled by Paul Hartnagel who is designing a computer generated form for people to sign up. We need help in all areas so please check to see how you can help.

There will be a Community Meeting to be held at the Saratoga City Center on Wednesday September 1, 2004 at 8:00 am. It will be an informational meeting for the local merchants on how they can expect the Convention to impact them and what they can do to make this the “Best Convention ever”.  Remember the State is helping us out, the County of Saratoga is helping us out, the City of Saratoga Springs is helping us out, and many volunteers are helping us out. We need you the members to help out too. This Convention is too large for just a few members of the Base to handle. We need the entire membership to pitch in with this. Even if you can only help out for a few hours we need your help. There will be one last meeting on Wednesday September 8th at the American Legion Post 70 in Saratoga Springs beginning at 6:30 pm. Please plan on attending. Hope to see you then

Submitted by:
Jim Irwin
Albany-Saratoga Base
Pride Runs Deep

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