Location: Mohawk American Legion Post 1450 Clifton Park, NY

Meeting Date:  August 17, 2005 

The Bell was tolled for Boats lost during the month of August.

CDR Ondek advised the membership that one of our members, Bob Moore, was in the hospital and asked that we keep him in our prayers. 

All WWII Veterans present were asked to stand and be recognized. Ray Koch and Ralph Folger stood and were applauded.

All members present stood and introduced themselves and the boats they served on.

The Base Secretary reported there was a quorum present. 

The Base Treasurer was not at the meeting so there was no financial report given. CDR Ondek reported that the funds for the Foundation Fund have been moved to an interest bearing account and the balance is $40,431.27.

Old Business

CDR Ondek reported that we had received a letter from Niagara Mohawk denying our request for the area surrounding the brownfield in Saratoga. The subsequent actions are being taken:

1. Frank Hardick has asked our attorney to intercede with Niagara Mohawk.

2. Bob Ondek, John Cook, Fritz Feldhaus, Tom Glenn, Fred Carlson, and Joe Buff met with Jim Ader, Congressman Sweeney’s staffer to work with us and Niagara Mohawk. Mr. Ader reported that Sweeney is interested in seeing this project go forward and would look into the possibility of some Federal Grant money towards it. He also stated he would contact Rick Burdick of Senator Joe Bruno’s office to coordinate the efforts.

3. An email was received from Mike Stoneback reporting there was some land on South Broadway across from the State Park that might be suitable as an alternative.

BRAC – At the meeting with Mr. Ader the possible closing of the Groton Sub Base and Portsmouth NSY were discussed. Those present relayed their concerns about the closings and gave Mr. Ader a packet of information to share with Sweeney.

Jim Irwin asked the members to decide on the wording of the brick that the base was buying in support of the USS Lapon Memorial. It was voted on and the words “Albany-Saratoga Base, Pride Runs Deep” was chosen.

CDR Ondek asked if the Foundation needed a corporate seal and passed out some possible designs. The members voted that they didn’t think a seal was necessary.

The September meeting will be a Breakfast/Brunch meeting and will be on the 17th and begin at 10:30 am. The price will be $8.00. Fred Carlson is making the arrangements. We need a head count by the 13th of September.  

New Business

Holland Club Induction

The following members were inducted into the Holland Club (50 years qualified in Submarines)

Bill Whitney
Marv Hassell
Bob Moore
Gene Harvey
Vito DeLeonardis 

Additionally, Ray Koch was declared a regular member of the Base and he received a Special Recognition Award from the Holland Club.

Each of the above received handsome certificates that were framed by Al Singleman.

CDR Ondek brought up that the attendance at the Clifton Park meetings was about half the attendance at the Saratoga meetings. After some discussion it was voted that beginning with the October meeting all meetings would be held in Saratoga Springs at the American Legion Adirondack Post 70 on West Ave. (assuming space available)

The 2006 USSVI Calendar is now in production. If you order them before the Convention Fred Carlson will pick them up and avoid any shipping charges. Otherwise they can be ordered through the Base Storekeeper.

The $120.00 collected by Tom Glenn from selling the USS San Francisco coins went to the Joseph Ashley Memorial Fund. Thanks to all who gave.  

CDR Ondek suggested that we can make up coins of our own for the Memorial Foundation and sell them as a fundraiser. The coins would cost us about $1.50 each plus a mold fee of $130.00 per side. If we buy 500 or more there is no mold fee. He has prices and has asked Chickie Barden to work on a design. No final decisions were made.

George Gasser has offered to subsidize members traveling to the Convention with the understanding they will assist the Saratoga Tourist Bureau at their table.

Frank Hardick discussed how to work with the Saratoga Tourist Bureau in helping to bring Boat Reunions to Saratoga.

Al Singleman reported the ED2/ED5 annual meeting will be held this October in Reading, PA. Also, the ED5 annual meeting will be held this November in Saratoga Springs.

Al Singleman also reported that George Gasser gave his final financial report to National on the Convention and there were no adverse comments. He also reported that it is the general feeling of USSVI members throughout the country that awarding the Conventions is happening too far into the future.

A motion to adjourn was made by Fritz Feldhaus and seconded by Al Singleman.

The next regular meeting will begin at 10:30 am on September 17, 2005.  This meeting will be held at the Denny’s Restaurant in Clifton Park, NY.

Submitted by:
Jim Irwin, Secretary 
Albany-Saratoga Base

Pride Runs Deep

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