Location: American Legion Adirondack Post 70, Saratoga Springs, NY

Meeting Date:  December 14, 2005

There was a Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and the Bell was tolled for Boats lost during the month of November.

All members present stood and introduced themselves and the boats they served on.

All WWII Veterans present were asked to stand and be recognized. Walt Bydairk and Ray Koch stood and were applauded.

The Base Secretary reported there was a quorum present. The reading of the Base minutes was waived and the minutes were approved as written. Motion by Fritz Feldhaus and seconded by John Cook.

Acting on a recommendation of the Base Commander the Base Treasurer’s report was waived tonight. CDR Ondek reported that the Trustco Bank was attempting to buy the Ballston Spa Bank. The Ballston Spa Bank management is not happy about this offer and therefore Trustco Bank is contacting individual stockholders and making offers to purchase their shares of stock.

Committee Reports

The following members have been elected to Base offices for 2006 and will be installed at the January meeting.

Base Commander          -           John Cook
Sr. Vice Commander      -           Fritz Feldhaus
Jr. Vice Commander       -           Ray Koch
Base Secretary              -           Bill Preece
Base Treasurer              -           Fred Carlson

CDR Ondek thanked the current officers for their service and wished the income officers good luck for the coming year.

 CDR Ondek reported that he and Frank Hardick met with Bob Kuhn, Deputy Director of Saratoga Area Parks and Recreation to discuss possible sites for our memorial. The site directly across from the Museum of Dance is ideal except that it is protected because it is designated a natural habitat for the Karner Blue Butterfly. An alternative site a mile or so to the south across from the golf course would be a better possibility. CDR Ondek displayed a map of both areas. Mr. Kuhn gave us a list of requirements that had to be met to have that property considered for our memorial. The Base Executive Board will meet in early January to lay our plans and begin work on our proposals to the State. 

 Old Business

 Base member Gene Harvey was inducted into the Holland Club. The ceremony was conducted by John Cook, Fritz Feldhaus, and Tom Glenn.  

New Business

CDR Ondek read a message from George Gasser thanking Base members for their support and comfort.

There will be a course held in the Albany area on celestial navigation. If anyone is interested you can call (860)572-5302 ext. 5151 or by email at planetarium@mysticseapport.org

Fred Carlson reported that overpayments of Base dues in the amount of $50.00 have been made. The payees have requested the money be donated to the Base Memorial Foundation. 

John Cook had on display a set of blueprints of the USS Growler. We may like to consider this to be used as a model for our parade float that will be built this coming spring. If anyone is willing to volunteer, please contact John Cook or Al Singleman. 

Good and Welfare

A prize raffle was held with a large number of prizes that were all donated by Base member Frank Dorchak. The following members won prizes: Gene Harvey, Charlie Cleveland, Bill Preece, Fritz Feldhaus, Tom Glenn, John Cook, Mike Frasl, Tom Nolan, and Will Asher. If I missed anyone, I apologize. A total of $105.00 was raised and was designated to go to the Sunshine Fund.

Frank Dorchak announced that anytime Base members purchase items from his business “Greenboard Enterprises, the Base will get a portion of the profit.

The Base 50/50 raffle was held with a prize of $24.00 and won by CDR Ondek. He donated his winnings to the Base Sunshine Fund.

The Creed of USSVI was recited by all and the meeting was adjourned to the Christmas dinner.

The next regular meeting will begin at 7:00 pm on January 18, 2006.  This meeting will be held at the American Legion Adirondack Post 70 in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Submitted by:    Jim Irwin, Secretary

                          Albany-Saratoga Base                                                 

Pride Runs Deep

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