Location: Mohawk American Legion Post 1450 Clifton Park, NY

 Meeting Date:  February 16, 2005

There were no WWII Veterans present but a word of thanks was given for their service.

The Base Secretary reported there was a quorum present.  The minutes of the previous months meeting have been either mailed or e-mailed to the members and therefore the reading of these minutes of was waived. A motion was made by Fritz Feldhaus and seconded by Tom Glenn to approve the minutes.

The Base Treasurer’s report gave his report for the month of February. The ending bank balance for the Base is $10,169.46. A motion to approve the report was made my Gus Negus and seconded by Al Singleman.

Reports by Standing Committees

Fred Carlson has researched audio visual equipment for the Bases use during meetings, ceremonies and other presentations. The item he recommended will play DVD’s, CD’s, VHS and record from one format to another. After some discussion, a motion was made by Ben Torry and seconded by Al Singleman to purchase this piece of equipment using Base Funds as opposed to Memorial Funds. A vote by the base passed the motion.

Old Business

CDR Ondek suggested a number of possibilities for the location of our Submarine Day “Tolling the Boats” and requested feedback on which choice was best and if we should hold ceremonies at multiple locations. The NY State War room in the Capital Building was thought to be the best choice. CDR Ondek will reserve the room for April 11. We will request the assistance of Senator Bruno and Assemblyman Tedisco with this task. There was mixed thoughts on having a second ceremony. If we do decide to have a second ceremony we will attempt to hold it at the Saratoga County Office Building a few days after the first ceremony.

As discussed previously Mohawk American Legion Post 1450 in Clifton Park holds a blood drive every other month in the large room we hope to use for our meetings. Because of this we will hold our meetings at Adirondack Post American Legion Post 70 in Saratoga Springs whenever there is a blood drive in Clifton Park. Right now that would mean that beginning with the upcoming March meeting we would meet in Saratoga Springs, April would be Clifton Park, May in Saratoga, etc.

We are still looking into the possibility of holding one or two Saturday brunch meetings. We have checked several VFW’s, Elks, etc. but they are either cost prohibitive or unavailable on Saturdays.

We are continuing ahead with our plan to incorporate our Memorial Fund. We do need a name for this fund. The name Albany-Saratoga Sub Vets Foundation was suggested by Gus Negus. The members present took a vote by show of hands and agreed to that name. CDR Ondek will forward this information to the attorney working on our incorporation.

We are still having a problem with the Base Web site. Paul Hartnagel is apparently overburdened with his work and other activities and the site is not be updated. Al Singleman has agreed to contact Terri McKenna our former webmaster so see if she would be willing to again take over that task. 

New Business

CDR Ondek stated he would like to have a number of Base members be available to take pictures, both still and moving and either digital or regular to document our base activities. Ben Torrey agreed to co-ordinate the program and Frank Hardick, Jim Irwin, Al Singleman, and Ken Schunk agreed to be part of the group.

CDR Ondek read a thank you note from the family of Jack Jarvies.

Gus Negus and Bob Ondek told a few “sea stories” to the delight of all present.

The 50 – 50 drawing was held and Glen Simon was the winner.

A motion to adjourn was made by Fred Carlson and seconded by Al Singleman.

The next regular meeting will begin at 7:00 on March 16, 2005.  This meeting will be held at the American Legion Adirondack Post 70 at 34 West Ave. Saratoga Springs NY.

Submitted by:
Jim Irwin
Albany-Saratoga Base
Pride Runs Deep

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