Location: American Legion Post #1450, Halfmoon, NY

Meeting Date: January 21, 2004 

The January meeting for the 2004 USSVI Convention Committee was called to order at 8:10 by Chairman Gasser.  There were 21 members present.   

Chairman Gasser reported that the Convention is drawing nearer and we still need help in many areas. The list of areas is as follows:

Boat Reunions
Hotel Contract & Tracking
Vendors and Vendor letters
Restaurants (availability and menu selections)
Airport and Airport Transportation issues
Memorabilia room (storage and security)

A discussion concerning the issue that a Jewish holiday falls during the Convention was held. We will contact the local Synagogues to determine how we can best accommodate our Jewish brothers. 

Licensing issues with the USSVI logo and Albany-Saratoga Base patches were discussed. We decided all vendors would be advised that it was their personal responsibility to be licensed by USSVI. Albany-Saratoga Base will not make our patches and logos available to all vendors. We will make an exclusive agreement with a local vendor and work out the financial details.  

Bob Ondek has suggested having a number of dinners (either spaghetti or chicken) as fundraisers.  Additionally he suggested making a program for the parade and offering it for sale, also as a fundraiser.

Diane Singleman reported 47 names registered and total deposits of $7704.28 

Some of the Hotels and Motels are being booked for weddings and in some cases people are reserving rooms in several hotels, thereby cutting down the number of available rooms.

The Carriage House Inn reportedly will give a discount if rooms are reserved in groups.

We still need help in all areas of fundraising, please volunteer to help in any way you can. Thanks.

The members were polled to see it there was anything else to discuss. 
Being nothing further, the meeting was adjourned.


Submitted by:               
Jim Irwin, Secretary

Albany-Saratoga Base

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