Location: American Legion Adirondack Post 70, Saratoga Springs, NY

Meeting Date:  January 18, 2006

 There was a Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and the Bell was tolled for Boats lost during the month of November.

 At this point of the meeting CDR Ondek addressed the membership. He reviewed the major events that took place during his tenure and he thanked all of the Base Officers and the Executive Committee who worked with him during the past year. He also thanked the membership for their contributions to the Base during the past year.

 CDR Ondek called the incoming Base Officers forward. John Cook, incoming Base Commander, Fritz Feldhaus, incoming Base Sr. Vice Commander, Ray Koch, incoming Jr. Vice Commander, and Fred Carlson, Base Treasurer were present and came before the membership. Incoming Base Secretary Bill Preece was not present.

 Al Singleman, USSVI’s Eastern District 5’s Commander administered the Oath of Office to the incoming Base Officers.

 At this point CDR Cook took over the meeting. He asked all WWII Veterans to stand and be recognized. Walt Bydairk and Ray Koch stood and were applauded by all present.

 CDR Cook addressed the membership and stated some of his goals for his term as Base CDR.

 At this point the regular meeting continued. The Base Secretary reported there was a quorum present. The reading of the Base minutes was waived and the minutes were approved as written. Motion by Fred Carlson and seconded by Bob Ondek.

 The Base Treasurer gave his report and the Base has a bank balance of $8436.17 in the treasury and a balance of $40701.01 in the Convention/Memorial Fund. A motion to approve the Treasurer’s report was made by Bob Ondek, seconded by Tom Glenn and was passed. Bob Ondek reported that the Base has 58.049 shares of Trustco Stock.

 Fred Carlson also reported that there are 14 members of our Base that are life members of USSVI and have not paid their dues. Additionally, there are many more annual members who are not paid and a few that haven’t yet paid their 2005 dues. Al Singleman agreed to call them to try to get everyone paid up.

 Committee Reports

 Memorial Committee – Bob Ondek reported that we are still waiting to hear something on a commitment for some land before we can proceed with our project. Once we have the land we need the approval and backing from local, county and state government before we can approach the Navy for the components of a decommissioned submarine for our Memorial. Once this happens we can go ahead with the project. Anyone who would like serve on the committee let Bob Ondek know.  

 Storekeeper – Diane Singleman reported sales for 2005 as follows: Total receipts $513.90, Sunshine fund receipts $120.00 and $29.00 for the Memorial Fund.

 Old Business

 CDR Cook read note from Base member George Gasser thanking everyone for their support, thoughts and prayers for Marlene during her courageous battle with cancer.   

 New Business

 CDR Cook said that many positions are available to be filled by Base Members including Librarian, Chaplain, Executive Board member and many others. See CDR Cook if you are interested.

 Fred Carlson suggested something be put in the Base Newsletter about delinquent dues.

 Al Singleman reported that Bob Allen, the curator of the Viet Nam Memorial Museum in Albany would like for us to put a display in the Museum this coming April. Al would like to get 10 or 12 lauan doors to use as display tables for our memorabilia. We would like to get them donated. If you have any contacts at building supply stores or home centers try to get whatever you can.

 Also, he would like to get photos of as many different submarines as possible. He will make copies of a CD from St. Mary’s Museum that has photos on it and bring them to the next meeting. Members will be asked to volunteer to make a few copies so no one person has to make a lot. See Al at the next meeting to volunteer.

 Mike Lynett spoke of a web site where you can electronically register family members or friends who served in WWII in the National Memorial in Washington DC. The site is:  http://www.wwiimemorial.com/

 Good and Welfare

 Base member Joe Buff’s wife Sheila has been battling kidney stones and cancer and recently underwent surgery. Initial reports indicate things are going well for her. Please keep her and Joe in your thoughts and prayers.  

 The Creed of USSVI was recited by all and the meeting was adjourned.

 The next regular meeting will begin at 7:00 pm on February 15, 2006.  This meeting will be held at the American Legion Adirondack Post 70 in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Submitted by:
Jim Irwin, 
acting Secretary 
Albany-Saratoga Base                                        

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