U.S. Submarine Veterans, Inc.
Albany-Saratoga Base
American Legion Post #7
34 West Ave
Saratoga Springs , N.Y. 12866
Meetings every 3rd Wednesday of the Month

Minutes from January 2007

The muster list was passed around twenty members were present.
Senior Vice Commander Fritz Feldhaus opened the meeting at 1900.

Invocation was given by Base Chaplin, Janet Irwin.  
The Pledge Of Allegiance was recited by all hands. 
The Tolling of the Boats and the
Crew lost for the month of January were read.  
Chaplin Irwin also
spoke words regarding the two lost souls of the 
USS Minneapolis- Saint Paul
PO2 Michael Holtz and SCPO Thomas Higgins.

Next on the agenda was the inauguration of the 2007 Base Officers:

            Commander                                      Al Singleman

            Senior Vice Commander                 Fritz Feldhaus

            Junior Vice Commander                 Ray Koch

            Secretary                                          Mike Lynett

            Treasurer                                          Fred Carlson  

All members stood and introduced themselves and the Boats served on.
WWII Veteran Walt Bydirk was asked to stand and be recognized.

Base Secretary reported that a quorum was present.  

Treasures report was given by Treasurer Fred Carlson.  Accepted by Bill Preece and seconded by Fritz Feldhaus.  Treasurer Carlson also suggested that we suspend inputting money into the Sunshine Fund since it had reached $500.00.  This recommendation would be acted upon later in the meeting.  

Base Storekeeper Diane Singleman stated that she had one calendar left but if more people were interested that she could order them and obtain a group price.

 Commander Singleman reported that the paperwork for the Foundation was at the State Education Department and that we should be Incorporated for the Foundation and Museum by the end of February. Also the paperwork for the location (Niagara Mohawk brown field) on Excelsior Ave, Saratoga Springs is with John Lemmery.  Our past Commander and Memorial Chairman Bob Ondek had many boxes of paperwork regarding the memorial which must be gone through in the near future and will require a working party.  Also reported was the fact that we have old stock, i.e., bags, golf shirts, etc., left over from the convention that we must depart with.  Jim Irwin stated that it may be possible to sell them on Ebay.   

It was also reported by the Base Commander that we are able to utilize base money to purchase jackets that would be used for parades and formal functions which would enable us to look uniform.  With regards to parades we will receive an invitation for the Ballston Spa Centennial Parade which will be held on the 18th of August. We also have some recruiting material for USSVI that can be placed in supermarkets and other billboard locations.  We can also reap in this by obtaining new members at our base. 

There will also be a working party in the near future at John Cook’s home to get our sail in order for the upcoming parade season….Stay tuned..

Our next meeting we will have a ten minute overhead projection presentation of how to navigate the USSVI website.  We may also see some Victory at Sea shows that has a Frank Hardick look-a-like.

We are looking for a new membership chair and we are looking for       


In the eyes of USSVI, the Albany-Sarartoga base is the forerunner for Convention and Foundation work.  It is most imperative that USSVI and the foundation be kept separate and that is what we (Bob Ondek) have done.  What more can be said regarding the Convention.  


Bill Preece inquired about the status of purchasing a trailer for our sail (float).   In can be purchased if necessary.

Jim Irwin presented a pamphlet/book that Bob Ondek had which included a lot of information about the loss of N.Y. State Submarine Veterans.  

Tom Nolan made us aware of the forth coming parade in Ballston Spa and that we would be receiving an invitation to participate (mentioned in earlier section of these minutes).  

Fred Miller (Saratoga Official) is in contact with Commander Singleman regarding the guidance needed for our Foundation.  

In regards to our senior citizen members who may not drive, or do not have transportation, or are hesitant about driving to Saratoga for the meetings because of weather or whatever.  The idea was presented that a member might call a shipmate and ask if he would like a ride to our monthly meetings.  Maybe our shipmates are ill or shut in and a call to see if we could help in anyway is a way to show that we care.

Cdr. Singleman briefly covered a timeline that he has for the Memorial Foundation.

Jim Irwin brought out the fact that a Summer Picnic should be in the planning stage.  It was agreed that more thought will be given at the February meeting.

Treasurer Carlson made a motion to stop donating to the Sunshine Fund since it has reached $500.00, motion was seconded by Frank Hardick and was voted on by members in attendance.  Donations suspended.

Creed of USSVI recited and meeting was adjourned at 2050 by Cdr. Singleman, seconded by Bill Preece.  

Next meeting             February 17, 2007

                        At 1900
Submitted by Albany-Saratoga Base Secretary
Mike Lynett
US Navy (Ret)


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