Meeting Date: July 21, 2004

Location: American Legion  Mohawk Post 1450

* The meeting was called to order by CDR Al Singleman at 6:30 PM

* The crew saluted the colors, recited the Pledge of Allegiance & the
bell was tolled  for each boat lost in action or by accident & for
shipmates lost on these boats.

* Attendance was taken; 35 members were present. 
A quorum was present.

* WWII Sub Vets were asked to stand. Ralph Folger, . Lou Drapalski,
Walt Bydairk and new member Roy Koch (WWII), were given a hand 
for their service.

* Margaret Koch (associate) & Dick Harding were welcomed as new

* Minutes from the previous meeting on June 16, 2004 were passed
around for those who did not receive them by email. Reading of the minutes was waived. The minutes were accepted as published.

* Members stood & introduced themselves & announced the boats 
they had served on and their jobs on board.


1. Fred Carlson, Treas. provided the financial report which was
accepted by the  members without change.

2. Sub Vets participation in the Pittsfield July 4 parade was cancelled
due to lack of participants.

3. We had a good turnout for the Saratoga Springs Flag Day Parade,
about 25 members.

4. Storekeeper, Diane Singleman, reminded those who ordered orange
shirts that they need to pay $18.00 per shirt. She also reminds everyone there are District 2, Eastern Regional & Rickover patches for


1. Bob Ondek reported that the 2 11 year old boys who collected over
$1500 for flag stands have “resigned” due to Little League contracts. 
The base approved buying the additional 2 stands needed to complete
the 54 for the Lost Boat Flags from Groton.

2. Al Singleman requested and received approval to spend $30 for 2
submarine models to present to Sam Perkins and Isaac Serici, the boys
who collected the money for the flag stands.  

3. Bob Ondek reported that he and Walt Barden would be going to
Groton to pick up the flags on Aug. 3 in preparation for displaying them
in the NYS Military Museum about mid-August.  

4. Al Singleman informed the members that the re-dedication of the
NYS Military Museum was scheduled for July 22.  He asked as many
members as could to attend.

5. Bob Ondek reminded everyone of the chicken BBQ dinner scheduled
for Saturday, July 24.

6.  Al Singleman reminded everyone to turn in ballots for national and
District officers.

There being no other business, the Sub Vets Creed was recited and the
meeting adjourned.

Our next meeting is scheduled for August 18, 2004 at American Legion
Post 70.  This is our last meeting before the convention. It is
imperative that all who can, attend this meeting.  We will discuss
tasks and assignments for the convention.  Please make every effort to

Submitted by Bob Ondek

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