Location: American Legion Post #1450, Halfmoon, NY



Location: American Legion Post #70 Saratoga Springs, NY
 Meeting Date: June 16, 2004 
The June meeting for the 2004 USSVI Convention Committee was called to order at 6:30 by Chairman Gasser.  There were 26 members present.  
Chairman Gasser reminded everyone that we still need help in all areas.
He reported that there is a 97% chance of a US Navy Jet flyover during the Parade. 
He also added that the Prime Hotel is offering dinners for the Boat reunions at a cost of $29.95 that includes tax and tip.
The NY State Military Museum where we will display much of our memorabilia during the Convention is undergoing major renovations but is expected to be all completed by Convention time. Bob Ondek and Al Singleman will meet with museum officials to discuss our needs. 
Fred Carlson reported the final list of speakers is complete. The speakers will be as follows:
Holland Club Breakfast         - Admiral Konetzni
Mens Lunch                           - Sherry Sontag and Captain Whitey Mack
Womens Lunch                      - Victorian Lady
50th Ann. Navy Nuc. Power   - Joe Buff and Captain John Cohoon Jr. 
WWII                                       - Admiral Rindskopf
Grand Banquet                      - Admiral Timme

Chickie Barden showed the Submarine candles and showed how the names of the submarines will be displayed. They will be on the tables during the Grand Banquet and used for the tolling of the boats ceremony. They are on order.  

Mrs. Darlene Peacock has offered to donate the T-lights (candles) and the glass candle holders for the Banquet. 

CDR Singleman reported that Senator Bruno has agreed to fund the shuttle for the Convention. He has dedicated $12,000.00 towards the shuttle and $3000.00 towards miscellaneous expenses. 

He also reported he has contacted various media outlets concerning Convention publicity. 

Fred Carlson is still working on getting some wine donated.

John Cook reported the bags are in his garage.

He also reported he is double checking with the hotels and motels to insure they are keeping the committed rooms available for the convention.

The welcome party is coming along. The manager of the Canfield Casino said there will be plenty of food inside the Casino for members.  There will be no food vendors permitted in Congress Park during the party. Mary Lou Whitney will be in the receiving line to welcome everyone to the Casino and the Convention.

Jim Irwin reported the umbrellas have arrived and will coordinate with John Cook getting them to Saratoga. He also reported that Hudson River Bank and Trust donated a case of ball point pens that we can include in the registration gift packet. 

We still need help in all areas of fundraising, please volunteer to help in any way you can. Thanks.

The members were polled to see it there was anything else to discuss.  Being nothing further, the meeting was adjourned. 

Submitted by:
Jim Irwin, Secretary 
Albany-Saratoga Base
Pride Runs Deep 

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