U.S. Submarine Veterans, Inc.

Albany-Saratoga Base

American Legion Post #70 34 West Ave Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 12866
Meetings every 3rd Wednesday of the Month

Minutes from June 2007

The meeting was called to order at 1903 and all recited the Pledge of Allegiance and Chaplin Irwin gave the invocation. The Tolling of Boats was announced and each member stood and introduced themselves and WWII Veteran (Ray Koch) and Vito DeLeonardis was introduced and recognized.

Twenty four members in attendance.

Treasurer Fred Carlson gave the May Treasurerís report.

Cdr Singleman reported that the N.Y. State Submarine Memorialís Exempt forms (1023) application went out last week. He further stated that he had met with Saratoga Mayor Valerie Keehn and made a power point presentation to the City Board as well as the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors about the Memorial. Both Boards were very receptive. There was nothing new to report on the Niagara Mohawk property (Brown Field).

Old Business All members and guests attending the Picnic must have their money in by the July meeting. National Commander Tom Conlon will be attending. There will also be a raffle and if you have any submarine related items you would like to donate please contact Jim Irwin.

Sunday, August 5th will be the Turning Point Parade in Schuylerville.

Hudson Valley Base is planning a trip to New London, cost $40-$50, wifeís are invited. It will depart Newburg at 0600. Iím sorry that I do not have more information, please contact Cdr. Singleman.

The Albany/Saratoga Base Jacket Program has been a great success. A motion was made and accepted to reimburse members $16.00 who had purchased jackets a year ago.

The By Law changes submitted with the April minutes were accepted and the update to the By Laws will be made. 

New Business ED5 Commander Jim Irwin attended an Eastern Region Meeting and reported that USSVI and WWII Subvets combined. Also no more installment payments on Life Membership, it will be paid all up front. He also commented on the fact that the Watertown Base has 14-15 members and at a recent meeting there were 9 members in attendance, they are a very aggressive, i.e., they recently purchased Flags to hand out for Memorial Day which almost depleted their bank account but they did it and are going forward. A passing note: CDR Irwin was re-elected as ED5 Commander.

Cdr Singleman presented the Power Point presentation for the N.Y. State Submarine Memorial and Museum that has been made to various politicians and that will be given to others in the future. Next was a Silent Service TV program, Cdr. Singleman stated that this particular program was what enticed him to volunteer for Sub Service.

Insurance matters: USSVI is unable to purchase a blanket policy due to many different state regulations. Fred Miller recommended Casualty Insurance of N.Y. State for our base and Foundation. Ray Koch also reported that his son was also looking into a possible purchase.

Another possible Base by Law change that will be voted on at our August meeting: 

Term of Office - Two years vice one. 
Term Limit on Commander is now two terms. Recommendation: 
Remove Term Limits

Next meeting: July 18th at 1900 

Please pardon the lateness of Juneís minutes; the last four weeks have been rather hectic, i.e., four birthdays, two graduations (Poughkeepsie and Amsterdam),  47th wedding anniversary and Fatherís Day has put me behind.

LAST NOTE: One of my former Commanding Officerís, Rear Admiral Eugene B. Fluckey, Medal of Honor Recipient WWII passed away on June 28th. At the time of his passing he was 93 years old. He was awarded the MOH while serving as skipper of the USS Barb (SS-220). I served with him in the late 60ís early 70ís. I also served him as a host (Aide) for the 1998 Medal of Honor Convention in Saratoga. He was truly an Officer and Gentleman.

Submitted by Albany-Saratoga Base Secretary

Mike Lynett, U.S. Navy (Ret)

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