Location: American Legion Post #1450, Halfmoon, NY

Meeting Date:  March 17, 2004

 WWII Sub Vets were asked to stand and be recognized. Walt Bydairk was applauded.

 Base members stood and introduced themselves and the boats they served on.

 The Base Secretary reported there was a quorum present.  The reading of the minutes of the previous meeting was waived. 

 The Base Treasurer gave his report and reminded members that dues for 2004 are due. The bank balance for the Base at this time is: $2735.91.  A motion was made by Jim Irwin and seconded by John Cook to approve the report.

 The storekeeper reported we had sold enough of the 40th Anniversary patches to pay McGregor Patch Company the approximately $900.00 due for these patches. A motion was made by Frank Hardick and seconded by Gus Negus to pay the vendor.

 Old Business

 Bob Ondek reminded everyone the fundraising dinner will be held on April 3 at the American Legion in Saratoga. He had a sign up sheet for volunteers. He is expecting 200 and will have enough food for 250 if extra show up. He also reminded us that the help eats free.

 New Business

 The Groton Base has flags for each of the lost boats and they have agreed to allow us to use them during the Convention. They will be displayed at the Military Museum and at the Grand Banquet. Walt Barden agreed to pick them up the week before the Convention.

 There being no further business, the Sr. Vice CDR led the base in the Creed of the USSVI and the meeting was adjourned.

 The next meeting will be on April 21, 2004. The regular meeting will start at 6:30 PM, which will be followed immediately by the convention meeting at the American Legion Post 70, 34 West Ave. in Saratoga Springs, NY

Submitted by:
Jim Irwin, Secretary
Albany-Saratoga Base
Pride Runs Deep