U.S.Submarine Veterans, Inc.

                        Albany-Saratoga Base

                                American Legion Post #70  34 West Ave., Saratoga Springs , N.Y. 12866  

Meetings every 3rd Wednesday of the Month


Minutes from March 2007


The muster list was passed around twenty one members were present. 

Senior Vice Commander Fritz Feldhaus opened the meeting at 1900.

Invocation was given by Base Chaplin, Janet Irwin. 

The Pledge Of Allegiance was recited by all hands.

The Tolling of the Boats and the Crew lost for the month of March were read.    

All members stood and introduced themselves and the Boats served on. 

WWII Veterans Ray Koch and Vito DeLieonardis were asked to stand and be recognized.

Base Secretary reported that a quorum was present.  

Treasures report was given by Treasurer Fred Carlson. 

Minutes from February's meeting were noted and recommended to be accepted by

Tom Glenn and seconded by Fred Carson.  The Treasurer's Report was given and accepted.

The Treasurer also mentioned that if you had not received your 2007 Membership renewal

sticker that you should send him an email.

Frank Hardick reported that the base had been authorized to purchase a trailer at a

cost of no more than $1500.00,  Frank stated that the trailer had been purchased for

$1300.00 and will be delivered on or about April 11th.  FYI..  The trailer is 16'x6', 14"

wheels & tires, lites, hitch, swivel jack, coat of primer & black acrylic enamel, lights and

wiring, safety chains, fenders & certification.

John Cook also reported that the float had been built in his cellar and it will be necessary to

unbuild it in order to get it installed on the trailer when arrives.  John also stated that it

should be available for the Memorial Day Parade.

Memorial Update

Frank Hardick and John Cook met with Ken Green regarding sites.  Neither the Niagara Mohawk

(brown field) or Route 9(south) location are cancelled out.  A couple of other possibilities

were at Exit 12 in what is called Malta Commons and the old Stewarts property near the water 

on Excelsior Ave in Saratoga (up from the brown field).  John Cook also reported that word

of this meeting somehow had reached the media and John was contacted by the Daily Gazette.

He met with a reporter and went over what the project was about and on Thursday morning we

had a large article that will no doubt give us a great amount of exposure.

Treasurer Carson brought to the floor information regarding our Trustco stock.  The stock was

purchased at $12.50 but has a present day value of $10.00.  A motion was made that we hold 

stock and review as necessary, seconded by Jim Irwin.

2007 Summer Outing 

The summer outing will be held on the 25th of August at Lanthier's Grove located on Route

9 (1 1/2 miles North of the Latham Circle).  There will be an abbreviated meeting that day.  

It's an
all day event (1200-2015) and will cost $35 - $40 per adult and $16.00 for kids depending 

on your choice.  A
motion was made by Jim Irwin that the base kick in $5.00 per person to off 

set some of the cost,
seconded by Fred Carson and passed on the floor.

Jim Irwin will be sending an email with the Lanthier's Grove flyer will all the particulars.

Senior Vice Commander Feldhaus announced that the National Submarine Day will be held at 

Saratoga County Building on April 11th at 1100. Uniform will be blue base shirt.  More info 

be passed upon Commander Singleton's return.

We have two new base members:

 Welcome aboard

John Christopher       Qual Date:  1961

 David Moyer               Qual Date:  1948

Eastern Region Commander Jim Irwin reported that we must review our by-laws and we have 

some house
keeping changes that must be made.


Memorial Day =                      ?

Flag Day = Thursday - 6/7

Turning Point  = Sunday 8/5

Ballston Spa Centennial = Saturday 8/18

Creed of USSVI recited and meeting was adjourned at 2050.  


 Wednesday April 18, 2007 at 1900

Submitted by Albany-Saratoga Base Secretary

Mike Lynett US Navy (Ret)



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