Meeting Date: May 19, 2004

Location: American Legion Post #1450, Clifton Park, NY 

* The meeting was called to order by CDR Al Singleman at 6:35 PM.

* The crew saluted the colors, recited the Pledge of Allegiance & the bell was tolled for each boat lost in action or by accident & for shipmates lost on these boats.

* Attendance was taken; 23 member were present. A quorum was present.

* WWII Sub Vets were asked to stand & were given a hand for their service.

* Minutes from the previous meeting on April 21 were not passed around due to the absence of our secretary. They were sent to those who have email. Reading of the minutes was waived.

* Members stood & introduced themselves & announced the boats they had served on.

* Treasurers report was given by Fred Carlson. Motion to accept was made & carried.

* Storekeeper, Diane Singleman informed us that the convention patch, 50th Anniv. Patch & the wife’s patch have been ordered from McGrogan’s.

* Commander Singleman gave a report on their trip to Groton’s 40th Anniversary Celebration.



.1- A thank you from Ed & Pat Luther has been posted on the web site.

2- May 26th there will be a Memorial Day Parade in Saratoga; gathering for the parade will be at the Prime at 6:00 PM.

3-The Flag Day Parade in Saratoga Springs is on Sat. June 12th. It is being put on by the Elks Club. The Elks will be the one to sponsoring the 2004 Convention Parade; therefore, we need to make a strong showing at their parade to thank them for their support.

4- Parade uniform- vest, blue base shirt or other blue shirt, khaki slacks, ball cap or garrison hat.

5- We will be having a roast beef fund raising dinner this Saturday.



1- The cost of the subscription of the Polaris magazine has been raised.

2- Bob Ondek’s son would like to be an associate member of the base. It was voted on to allow him to join if he so desires.

3- Cdr. Singleman gave a progress report on the Convention- we are exempt from sales tax on the dinners; we will be getting $15,000 from Bruno’s Office: $12,000 for the bussing/shuttle expenses & $3000 toward expenses for the parade. Bruno’s office will be working with CDTA for the shuttle /bussing. We will also be getting $15,000 from the County for parade expenses.  

A motion was made & seconded to adjourn the meeting. 

Next meeting will be on Wed., June 16th at American Legion Post 70 in Saratoga.The 2004 Convention meeting will start at 6:30 PM, which will be followed by our regular meeting.

Submitted by:
Diane Singleman
Assoc. Member

Albany-Saratoga Base