Albany-Saratoga USSVI Meeting 


Minutes from October 2006
The muster list was passed around. Twenty-three members present.
CDR.Cook opened the meeting of the Albany-Saratoga Base at 1900.
Invocation was given by Base Chaplin, Janet Irwin
Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all present
Tolling of the Boats and the Crew lost for the month of October
Membership personel stood, introduced themselves and the boats that they served on
WWII vets, Ray Koch and Walt Bydairk, stood and were recognized by the membership
Base Secretary reported that a quorum was present
No Treasurerís report, Fred was absent for the meeting
CDR. Cook asked if minutes (sent either by e-mail or hard copy) were accepted.
Bob Ondek updated Trustco Stock Shares
CDR.Cook wanted all the membership to know the people involved in the finances of the Base. They are as follows:
                    Base checking account-Fred Carlson & Bob Ondek
                Memorial Fund Assets-Fred Carlson & Bob Ondek
                Trust Stock-Fred Carlson,Bob Ondek & John Cook
CDR.Cook reported that due to a work conflict,your Secretary cannít accept the position for the up coming year 2007 and asked for any nominations along with that of President.
                Fredric Feldhaus nominated Al Singleman,for President,and was
                2nd by Bob Ondek
CDR.Cook left the nominations open until the November meeting
Bob Ondek updated us on the Memorial
                1. There are 366 members on the N.Y.State list,of which 125
                are unidentified still yet    
                2. Fred Miller is still awaiting approval from the Education
                3. Senator Bruno wouldnít know about a Grant until after the
Cdr.Cook seeked out ideas for a Christmas party for our December meeting
New Bussiness
                1. USSVI Schorlarships are now available for those people
                who are interested and eligible
                2.Walt Bydairk told us that he got one of his boatís to have the
                shipís reunion here in Saratoga.Forty guys and twenty gals
                showed up and they all had a great time and enjoyed their
                stay here in the area
                3.National Secretary,Al Singleman,stated that all the updated
                by-laws are now on the web,for your knowledge
                4. District CDR.Jim Irwin stated there are eight Bases in New
                York State,since the re-alignment of the North-east bases
                After Break
Shiela and Joe Buff spoke to us about their run to the Northeast area,which included the Submarine Medical Lab Research,Groton.

The research done here is not only for the Navy,but for all medical

fields. Then on to Electric Boat fabrication shop,where they were
able to see some of the fabrication being done.Then they traveled
to Newport to the Naval Underwater Sea Center where the
advance torpedo propulsion systems are researched and tested.
We enjoyed the break downs of each facility.These areas just may
be on BRACíS list for future closings,we hope not,for one reason,
too much knowledge and equipment to be moved,thus breaking up
families.Great discussion,Shiela and Joe

We had our raffle

We recited the Creed of USSVI
Meeting was ajourned by Bob Ondek,2nd by Fredric Feldhaus
Our next meeting will be November 15 @ American Legion Post#70,Saratoga Springs
Secretary-Bill Preece
Albany-Saratoga Base
Pride Runs Deep

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