U.S. Submarine

Veterans, Inc.

Albany-Saratoga Base

American Legion Post #70

34 West Ave

Saratoga Springs, N.Y.


Meetings every 3rd Wednesday of the Month

Minutes from September 2008


The regular meeting of the Albany-Saratoga Base was called to order by CDR Singleman at 1900 with 24 members and guests present.


The Base Chaplin offered an opening prayer.


There was a Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and the Bell was tolled for Boats lost during the month of September.


All members present stood and introduced themselves and the boats they served on.   All WWII Veterans present were asked to stand and be recognized. Ray Koch stood and was applauded.


Treasurer Carlson is out of town and he will give the financial report at the October meeting.




Cdr. Singleman gave a brief report about the recent Convention and the National USSVI elections, overall 26/27% participated in the online voting.


Kapps4Kidds – In the very near future we will be presenting “Kapps” at the Ronald McDonald House (Albany)/Hidden Ranch (Lake Luzerne).


The “Salute to America” at the Saratoga Race Course on August 27th was not a productive as anticipated mainly due to our location in the vicinity of the  “Red Spring”.   Over all is was not a fruitful day with regards to our objective of reaching the attendees. 


October 2-25th will be the D2-D5 conference in Clifton Park.  This will mainly be a business meeting on Saturday (25th)  from 0900-1100 and 1300-1500.  Jim Irwin is soliciting some Albany/Saratoga members to help out hosting the Conference.



The Navy Ball will the held on Friday October 17th at the Prime in Saratoga.  Cost $35.00 per couple, 1800 cocktails with dinner at 1900. Please contact Diane Singleman no later that the 10th of October if you plan on attending.  Diane has sent out a specific email alluding to this outing.


A $100.00 donation from the base was forwarded to two shipmate who were devastated from Hurricane Ike.


Still searching for a Memorial site and how to raise money.


“AROUND THE HORN”  ----  Cdr Singleman questioned each individual present as to “how to jive up our meetings”.   We had answers from each attendee, i.e., tell a sea story, give us a past experience, have a guest speaker, show a video/DVD, etc., etc. 


We are also contemplating a new Albany-Saratoga base patch design that could also be incorporated onto our parade banner.  Please bring forward any recommendations/ideas.


The USSVI Creed was amended at the National Convention to read:

Pledge loyalty and patriotism to the United States of America and its Constitution.     OLD VERSION:   Pledge loyalty and patriotism to the United States Government.


FYI:  We mentioned at the meeting the Navy would be playing Cornell in the Allegiance Bowl at Saratoga High School on Saturday October 4th…………..NAVY WON……………..31-25.…


also after all those trips from Albany, Harry Terzian won the 50/50 to cover gas for one of his trips to our monthly meetings.


Meeting adjourned at 2053.   Next meeting:


                                    October 15th at 1900



Michael J. Lynett U.S. Navy–(Ret)

Albany-Saratoga Base Secretary

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